Five Stars for Geothermal Repair and Service

My home is twenty years old and has a geothermal heat exchange heater and AC.  It developed a loud knocking noise when the valves shut off. Bill and his employees went to great lengths restrapping water pipes and fixing the problem.  His cost was very reasonable and the system very quiet.  Very good job. Since then I have had him do other jobs for me and every time I have been very pleased with his work. Very professional and reasonable. Thanks. I would recommend him for any heating, plumbing and air conditioning work.

Once again Bill came to the rescue.  The first day it got over 95 degrees, my AC started acting up blowing only cool air.  It was after five and I knew Bill would be busy. I called the office phone but hung up and sent him a message.  He called back and was able to talk me through some steps to reset the compressor.  It worked great afterwards. A short time later, his son Levi called. He told me his dad was out of state and the office phone had been forwarded to his phone and saw the missed call. Bill could have easily had one of his employees call me back but Bill is very dedicated to his clients and chose to call me back. Five stars all the way around.

Thank you.

Great New HVAC System!

Bill and his crew recently installed a new HVAC system in our home. The system works great and Bill was great about making sure everything was done well and done right and as quickly as possible.  He educated us on the ins and outs of a good HVAC system and his bid came in less than the guys in the pink trucks!

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